Ubotics is

A team of professionals experts in software engineering and industrial automation

We work on customers from different sectors, offering industrial automation software solutions, ERP, Scada applications, digital display software and IoT projects.


About us

We are a team of developers, who have gained solid ...

Our solutions

We provide turnkey solutions, which include not only software…  

Where we operate

We operate in the main sectors driven by high innovation ...

SINCE 2001

software engineering excellence

Our Solutions

Software automation,
Software engineering, IoT, digital signage

Digital signage

Increase customers’ engagement level to interact with your customers  

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Management systems

Solutions to manage the production processes, packing process included.

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Internet of Things

With the term Internet of Things (IoT) we refer to a wide range of devices that ...

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Industrial automation

Complex industrial automation systems and software engineering.

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Projects of Industrial automation, software engineering, ERP

The solutions we provide apply across multiple sectors, from industrial to retail. What our customers have in common is the need to innovate and use technology to improve processes and organization


We operate in the main sectors driven by technology


Solutions for retail's process management and client services.


User-friendly solutions able to simplify the patient experience.


Solutions for manufacturing process' management, from start to packaging.


Simplifying relation between clients and pharmaceutical area.


Innovative solutions for food services' management.


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