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SCADA to manage production processes



Bridge is an advanced SCADA software dedicated to industrial plants in the steel industry for cutting both longitudinal and transversal sheets.

By interfacing both with the customer’s management system (AS 400 for example) and the machinery plc, it is able to optimize all the production processes, also setting up machine automatically according to the received production order; the software allows queuing of several production orders following a priority decided by the production office and in any case modifiable by the operator.

Bridge automatically runs the machine setup and clears any human errors.

During the production process, Bridge keeps track of the pieces produced and it can monitor, real-time, all the relevant parameters to guarantee the maximum quality of the product:

  • thicknesses
  • widths
  • tolerances
  • production times
  • axis speed

Also, Bridge keeps a log for statistical purposes and is able to notify warnings in case of out-of-range tolerances